Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DIY: How to Make a Photo Booth Backdrop

"Photo Booths" are becoming a staple at parties lately. With the help of Oriental Trading, I created one with hanging paper fans for Lilah's Birthday Party. There are so many different ways to make a party photo backdrop by using inexpensive, lightweight foam insulation board is my favorite. You can just prop it up against the wall so there is no damage and no bulky backdrop stands to deal with. I got mine from Home Depot or Lowes for around $11. It's one big piece, available in different sizes but this one was just right for the space I had. If I had more space I probably would have doubled it so more people could fit in the photos but this one fit 2-3 pretty comfortably.  I had to cut the top off just a little with a box cutters because it was too tall but that was no big deal. But I will say, it makes a little bit of a mess. Making the backdrop is really simple.

Supplies Needed: 

- Foam Insulation Board (around $12 at Home Depot or Lowes)
-Approx. 10 Packs of Hanging Paper Fans
- Hot Glue Gun with extra glue sticks
- Scissors to cut off hanging string from fans
- Stapler

1. Open paper fans and staple rather than just using the adhesive that comes on them so they don't come undone easily when gluing them down. 

2. Hot Glue to the white side of the foam board starting with the bigger fans and layering the smaller ones on top. Put a bunch of glue on each fan and hold it down for a few seconds while it dries.

 I also like to have them hang over the edge of the board so you can't see the board at all. Truth be told, I should have ordered more fans to continue this around all the edges like I did in my Pineapple Party but I underestimated and also ran out of time (because, you know, last minute me). For reference I ordered 7 packs of paper fans for the Photo Booth backdrop when I probably should have ordered more like 10 packs. They're very inexpensive and make a really fun display. 
Every time I do a Photo Booth, I put a small table to the side of it with themed props (a must have!) and a lightbox or sign with the hashtag the guests should use. This set up also helps define what your backdrop is actually for.


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