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Party Guide

I'm so excited to share my new Party Guide with you! I've been working so hard on it to create the most comprehensive, DIY party guide I could with easy to follow instructions. I've been styling and planning parties since 2005 so I have lots of party tips to share with you. Join our Facebook Group to see some great parties ideas and share your own.

Plan Your Party - The Ultimate Party Guide

how to set up a cake table for a party

How To Plan Your Own Party Step By Step:

1. First you need a location, theme, and guest list

Start a Pinterest board to help define your theme and ideas. Once you have chosen a theme for your party, you will need to set the date and time. Keep in mind the time of your party will determine the food you serve which will also reflect on your budget. Plan on providing more food if your event falls during a mealtime, otherwise hors d'oeuvres are fine. 

2. Send out invitations about a month in advance. 

Decide on electronic invites or traditional printed invitations. My favorites places to get invitations are Evite, PinggSwoozie's and Minted.

3. Time to make plans! 

Based on the time of your event, figure out your menu {don't forget drinks & dessert!} and determine where you will be catering or if you will be cooking. You'll also want to plan out any activities and make a list of supplies that you'll need. Be sure to make a music playlist to play in the background too. While you're planning, try to come up with a basic idea of how you want the layout of the party. Some of it, you will just figure out as you set up but having somewhat of a plan will save you time on the day of the party. 

4. Party Decorations

Some of my favorite places to buy party supplies from are Amazon and Target
Beau-coup and Etsy are my favorite sources for favors too. 

Pro Tip: Try to imagine walking through your party as a guest. What will they see and do from the moment they walk in? Consider serving drinks on a bar cart by the door for guests to grab on their way in or have a clear route to an activity or food so they aren't standing around.

Party Guide - What You'll Need for the Perfect Cake Table:

how to create a cake table or dessert table for a party
Place food, other drinks, and activities on separate tables. 

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