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My Home Tour

I'm excited to finally share my home tour! I've been getting more and more into home decor since moving into our house 3 years ago. We spend a lot of time at home, of course, and it's important to me to create a beautiful but still practical life here. We have done SO much to this house since we moved in but we still have so much more to do. But then again, houses are never done, are they? I feel like I'm rearranging things every day.

I've been finding my ever changing style and figuring out what works for our home and all it's quirks while also making my husband and kids happy too.  I think my style is transitional with a hint of coastal and maybe a little boho too. I love clean lines, white space, and subtle pops of color. I LOVE pink but I try to spare my husband and only throw it in the living areas of our house sparingly. Grey and white are the main colors of our home. We have a wide open floor plan with light gray wood tile herringbone flooring in the main living spaces and dark grey wood tile in the bedrooms.

My Transitional Home Tour


The entryway of our home is a little quirky and I have styled it several different ways but have finally settled on this set up. This art was a great addition.


The kitchen is my favorite! It's the heart of our home and the very first thing we did when we bought the house. We completely gutted it and designed it exactly how we wanted it and I just love it! It's all white with quartz countertops.

Florida Room

A Florida room is a an outdoor patio that has been completely enclosed to become an additional room in your home, after the original house was built. It usually creates some design obstacles since it's an add on. Most often, the kitchen no longer looks outside but rather, looks into that room. So the main goal is to make it feel less like an add on. This was the space, although quirky, that sold me on this house. It screams PARTY!!

Since this room is clearly an add on and we haven't redone the floors in here to match the rest of the house, I've styled it slightly differently, more boho than the rest of the house, which is a nod to it's patio roots. One day, we will better integrate it into the house and I will probably style it differently at that point.

When we redid the kitchen, we added in this credenza and turned it into a cocktail bar. Opposite that is a little living space with outdoor furniture, which is the key to having clean white couches with kids and pets in a high traffic area! And in the center of this room is a very cool faux wood and metal table that converts into a regulation pool table. It was a compromise with my husband and we actually love it, it's great for events.

Living Room

Our living room is a little odd due to the Florida room entrance, it's very wide and not very deep. I'm in love with our new couch from Apt2B and this rug really has changed the space for the better. I also have big plans to turn the TV wall into a feature wall but I just haven't figured out the perfect thing yet. The wall color here and throughout most of the living space is Benjamin Moore Light Pewter.


This modern home office is my own little space. I really love black and white with pops of gold (and pink). I style and photograph most of my parties in this space. It's also the home to all of my props.

Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is our calm oasis in the often chaotic house with 2 kids. It's all shades of white with wood flooring. (more photos coming!)  The wall color is Benjamin Moore Paper White. You can read about my work in progress closet here. The bed has a white velvet headboard and the softest white sheets ever which I have linked below. They're affordable and durable. I've always been a fan of white linens and that's all you'll find in this house. Easy to clean and looks so fresh and crisp.

Lilah's "Big Girl" Toddler Bedroom

You can read all about Lilah's princess inspired bedroom makeover here and her DIY art wall here. The wall color is Benjamin Moore Wispy Pink.

Chloe's Nursery

This is our newest addition's bedroom. You can read more about it and all the details here. The color in this room is the same as our master bedroom, Paper White by Benjamin Moore.

Dining Room

I will admit, we rarely use this room, we always eat in the kitchen but I do style the occasional tablescape here and I love these chairs.


The backyard is another work in progress. We have a butterfly garden a grassy area, and a pool which you've seen me style pool parties near. I want to add more grass and ideally a vegetable garden too.