Thursday, April 20, 2017

Walt Disney World Birthday Party

Walt Disney World is truly, and always has been my favorite place in the world! I love it so much!! So it was probably only a matter of time before I designed a party around it. Birthday in a Box presented the idea and I immediately jumped on board. This party was probably the trickiest party I've ever designed. It felt like several themes in one. I stayed within the realm of the main park, Magic Kingdom but Magic Kingdom is broken down into several lands and several more rides. Creating a cohesive look was difficult but essential. The customized labels and cupcake decals from Birthday in a Box really helped with defining each attraction. 

In order to maintain as much cohesiveness as I could, I stuck with only sweets and snacks to represent the rides and I would try to stick with similar colors for each.  I separated the main table into 3 lands and then used smaller side tables for the 2 lesser coordinating lands. I used Mickey and polka dots throughout to represent the hidden Mickeys mixed into every attraction at Walt Disney World. The main attraction is of course the castle which I made the backdrop and the metallic curtains loosely represent fireworks. I even included astroturf under the table to represent the hub grass.

The tsum tsum theme couldn’t have been more perfect for the paperware for this Disney party. It was just the perfect way to bring in all the characters! Coupled with the classic Mickey hats that everyone wears in the parks, it was a perfect match for this theme. I made Mickey ears for the plates too. In lou of centerpieces I decided to just use gumballs down the runner for a really fun pop of color and functionality that kids love! It also ties in with the polka dots from the cake table, invitations, and Minnie’s dress. The polka dot bubbles I was able to customize with “I Love Disney” which was a fun favor in addition to the tattoos that kids can’t seem to get enough of. This party really challenged me creatively but I love the way it all came together! 

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