Toddler Coloring Station

I posted a photo of this on my instastories the other day and got so many replies so I thought I would make a quick post with the details for those that wanted more info. This is my answer to a bulky easel and it was super simple to make.

You Need:

  • A Roll of Paper
I got lucky and found mine in the Target dollar section and it did come with the red string attached but you could always add your own. This roll of paper is 12" wide but any size will work as long as you get the right sized frame.

  • Wall Organizer
This is the wall organizer I got for the crayons with the matching hooks and buckets. It's not plastic so the crayons don't really mark them up.

  • Frame
I searched for a while for the perfect frame until I came across this one at Hobby Lobby (in white). Since my paper was 12", I wanted an 11" wide frame so there would be no gaps that would allow her to color on the wall itself. The most important detail is that the frame needs to be hung by the sides of the frame, not the top, so the paper can slide down. The hooks on the back of this one are just wide enough to accommodate the 12" paper roll. It couldn't have been more perfect. It's also an open back frame so it didn't even come with glass but you could use a regular frame and remove the backing and glass yourself. I wanted white for her room but it would be so pretty spray painted gold too!

  • Optional: Twine, Command Hooks, and Clothespins
I used the smallest command hooks I could find and some twine tied on each one to create a place to hang her finished artwork, as we don't really have a hallway to hang it in and I'm not a fan of the artwork on the fridge look. These tiny clothespins easily hold up her artwork.

Hang everything on the wall and you are good to go. We used strong anchors so that nothing would fall off of the wall even with a toddler handling it. In hindsight, I would have hung the paper roll by 2 screws, just as wide as the roll to make it easier to slide the paper down. Having it hung as pictured makes the paper a little difficult to pull down, I have to do it for her but it still works. I guess on the flip side, it does prevent her from going through the paper too quickly.

She colors a lot more now than she did when her crayons and papers were in a box. Out of sight, out of mind, which was no good for us. I've been slowly changing her room around to make everything more accessible to her and she's been playing in there independently a lot more lately and everything is more organized. 

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