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Lilah's Magical Boho First Birthday Party

I'm so excited to share my baby's FIRST birthday party with you. Since we are renovating our new house, we held her party at a nearby event space. I designed the party to be colorful with a few extra, small touches that I knew she would love. Since it was off site and not at home, I had limited time to set up and take photos. All of these photos were taken quickly on my iPhone as guests were arriving so please excuse the quality. Here's what you need to pull off this boho look.
1. Colorful Backdrop: This fun backdrop was made with strips of colorful fabric and white lace draped and over a backdrop stand and secured with safety pins. The ONE was made of gold glitter cardstock and hung with fishing line.
2. Floral Backdrop: This was a fun DIY that I had never done before. I used PVC pipe to make an additional backdrop stand using a backdrop frame tutorial I stumbled on. The total cost was around $15. Then, I used a needle and fishing line to string fresh flowers at different lengths. The completed flower strands hung from sheer white curtains on the backdrop stand along with a banner I made.
3. Gold Highchair: I was so lucky to find this vintage Jenny Lind high chair on a local mama message board and spray painted it gold. Such a great find that totally fit the theme.
4 Gold Spray Paint: I used gold spray paint to turn anything that didn't fit the color scheme, gold! The animals, bubbles, and frame all looked a little better with a coat of gold spray paint on them. 

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