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About The Celebration Stylist

Ok so I realize I may have jumped into this blog thing rather quickly without telling you much about me. And I'll admit my "about" page is a little vague. I'll be sharing bits and pieces about my life as I go but I wanted to share how we got here in the first place.
Fast forward a few years and that company is no longer, I'm married, working a corporate job and wishing for more. I had the incredible opportunity to open my own Sanrio { Hello Kitty } franchise store. I did just that but only under the pretense that I could host birthday parties in the store. Sanrio Corporation agreed and I was the first and only Sanrio store to host makeover parties and events. We built our own party room complete with pink chandeliers and it. was. fabulous!
I have been doing parties for over 10 years now. Yes, I started when I was 18! In college I randomly fell into a mall job at a division of Saks 5th Avenue, now dissolved, called Club Libby Lu. Long story short, they asked me if I liked pink, I said yes, and I was hired on the spot. Club Libby Lu's claim to fame was in store makeover parties. Swoon. I had no idea this minimum wage job would change my life. I quickly climbed the ranks and took every party seriously. Hey you only turn _ once and it was my job to make sure those memories were good ones.
After Hello Kitty's popularity declined we decided to switch the store to our own concept called Party in Pink Boutique. Parties got fancier and more expensive and custom decor was added. That's where I really fell in love. Fast forward another 2 years or so and due to the economy, rise in rent, and sub par location, we closed our doors. I was to find out I was pregnant after a year of trying just days before we closed for good. Fate? I'd say so.
So now what? I was in major debt and not yet ready to stop doing what I loved. I still had customers calling asking for parties and wanting to know if we could travel to them. Which I did! We offered decor, makeovers, and princesses. Slowly but surely, my instagram and blog grew bigger and bigger and became my full time job. I can work from home with my daughters and there's no overhead. I couldn't be happier. I truly have my dream job.
I started this blog to share my passion for parties first and foremost. You can also expect to see a little bit about my life, some diy projects, my style and more! My hope is to inspire. Every day is worth celebrating.

Thanks for reading!!

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