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My 30th Birthday Brunch Party: Brunch After Dark

I'm so excited to share photos from my 30th Birthday Brunch, Brunch After Dark Party. I loved planning this birthday brunch, I thought the theme was really unique and fun. Disclaimer, my house was completely under construction during this birthday brunch party, which really added some obstacles. We had no kitchen, no baseboards, and no paint on the walls! So it was definitely a bit of a challenge but I love having parties in my own home so I was determined to make this birthday Brunch After Dark work.

I wrapped the wall by the entrance with striped wrapping paper from Design Design, who also sent me the cutest striped plates and paper straws. It also doubled as the perfect photo spot. On that same wall was my new bar cart (a gift to myself from Target!) with Mimosas and Rose complete with champagne gummy bears. I decorated it with these amazing candle sticks from Creative Candles. I also decorated my birthday brunch cake with their gorgeous gold birthday candles.
My 30th Birthday Brunch Party: Brunch After Dark by The Celebration Stylist
After guests arrived at my Birthday Brunch After Dark and grabbed a drink to sip from the bar cart, they were greated by an amazing buffet of brunch foods including chicken and waffles, pizza bagels, bacon, sausage balls, and mini quiche. I like to serve foods that are substantial and also fit the birthday brunch theme when possible. Guests used "Hello 30" cups and "On Birthdays We Brunch" napkins which I custom designed with Sequins and Lipstick.

Then, of course, there was the birthday brunch dessert table. The dessert table had cake and donuts topped with super fun gold glitter toppers from Glam Banners. I also had oatmeal (get it?) cookies and mini muffins. I also had the cutest 1986 cookies from Parker's Crazy Cookies which I sprinkled everywhere because I was totally obsessed with them. They were on the bar cart, dessert table, and in the center of the guest table.
My 30th Birthday Brunch Party: Brunch After Dark by The Celebration Stylist
This birthday Brunch After Dark event is definitely inspiring me to want to have more events at my house, it's so much easier and I really enjoy it! I can relax during set up rather than panic about being on a tight timeline. If you're looking for daytime brunch ideas, check out my lemon and stripes brunch.

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