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Boho Grazing Table Runner with Harvest Snaps

I have started to see grazing tables and runners more and more lately and just love the concept. One of my favorites was by my friend Courtney, of Pizzazzerie. To have your appetizers and/or food displayed so nicely and easily accessible is brilliant and makes a huge impact. It seems a little intimidating but it's actually incredibly easy. No need to make, bake, or craft anything. Just buy everything you need and throw it together. I designed this one with pinks, flowers, and flowing fabrics for Mother's Day.

I focused on appetizers and finger foods for mine. When I do appetizers like this I like for everything to be able to sit in room temperate without getting gross, so all of these foods were perfect. The Harvest Snaps are great because they come in a large variety of flavors and pair so well with everything else, plus they are pretty healthy. I filled in the extra spaces on the wood with pink flowers. Below is exactly what I used for my 6 foot table so that you can adjust to your needs. 
{When I mention a "pack" I am referring to the regular size that you see in every grocery store}

What you'll need:

8 bags of Harvest Snaps
{I got one of each flavor}
1 bag of grapes
1 pack of strawberries
1 pack of blackberries
1 pack of blueberries
1 pack of cherry tomatoes
1 block of cheese
1 cup ranch or caesar dressing
1 bouquet pink roses
1 piece of wood as long as your table

I used "common wood" from Home Depot because it had a pink hue to it. They already had it in 1'x6' planks so I didn't need to get a cut but they do cut for free if you need a special size

Just lay all the foods out directly on the wood and you're good to go, it's so easy and your guests will love it!

Thank you to Harvest Snaps for sponsoring this post.


  1. This looks awesome! Those pea chips are my favorite!!