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DIY Glittery White Christmas Mason Jar Centerpiece

This post is sponsored by Newell Brands, makers of Ball® Jar Fresh Preserving Products; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own 
With Christmas on it’s way, I wanted to share some easy DIY Christmas tablescape ideas. This modern twinkling tablescape can easily be recreated with Ball® jars and supplies from JOANN. For this DIY modern Christmas tablescape, I used 3 different sizes of Ball® jars and 2 different decorative techniques to make it an interesting display. I did half of the jars with glitter and half with “snow”. Both are very easy to make. The "smooth" jars are best for this craft.

Glitter Jars

Ball® Jars
Extra Fine White Iridescent Glitter
Extreme Glitter Mod Podge
Paper Plates

1. Pour a thick layer of mod podge in your jar.

2. Pour a layer of glitter on top of the mod podge.

3. Twist and turn the jar all around to coat the entire inside.

4. Sit upside down on a paper plate for about 15 minutes.

5. Flip right side up and let dry over night.

Snow Jars

Ball® Jars
Epsom Salt
Extreme Glitter Mod Podge
Paper Plates
Paint Brush

1. Use a paint brush to pant a thin layer of mod podge on the outside of the jar. Make sure it covers the whole outside of the jar but not so thick that it drips.
2. Sprinkle the epsom salt on top of the glue over a paper plate while turning the jar to cover all of the adhesive.
3. Sprinkle glitter on top of epsom salt right away {if desired}
4. Let dry overnight.

Once all of the jars are dry, wrap red and white twine around the tops for a pop of color. Then arrange them randomly down the center of the table on top of a black and white table runner. Then drop an electric tea light in each jar or use a few strands of twinkle lights and stuff a few in each jar, then hide the battery box under a tree or in a wide mouth jar.

Once you are done with your tablescape, you can re-use the jars by putting little gifts in them and gifting them to your friends for the holidays. It's such a unique gifting idea that your friends can also re-use for themselves. The best gifts come wrapped in a jar!

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