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How I Make Money

"How do you make money?" is probably my most asked question when I tell people I am a blogger or influencer. This is definitely a newer industry and I can see why people don't really get it. But yes, this is my job so of course, I make money.

It didn't start out that way though, it started as just a fun thing I did on the side for free products while I was still styling parties on the weekends and raising our first daughter. Over time, as my little hobby grew, it started making money and eventually taking over my party business.

Soon enough, I became a full time blogger. With the exception of family and friends and just 2 of my former clients, I exclusively style parties at home in my "studio" for my blog and social media platforms.

How I Make Money by the Celebration Stylist

So how does that work? There's a couple ways that I make money. Today I'm going to share how I make money as a blogger.

How I Make Money As Blogger:

1. Sponsored Content:

The majority of the money I make is from sponsored posts. Companies will send me their product and pay me to style it in photos and share it on my blog and/or social media. For them, this is one way that they market their products. For this type of deal, I only work with companies who's products I truly like and that fit my brand.

2. Styling:

On the flip side, sometimes I am also paid as a stylist and don't have to post the photos on my social media but rather just provide them to the company for their own use. Brands either come directly to me or find me through one of several influencer networks that I am apart of. I also have a virtual assistant that works remotely and pitches brands for me if we have a good project idea.

3. Affiliates:

Another way I make money is through affiliate links. If I link a product on my blog or through an Instagram story "swipe up", I earn a small commission off any products that you purchase from my links without any extra cost to you.

4. Advertisements:

I also make money if you click a banner ad anywhere on my blog. 

How I Make Money by the Celebration Stylist

5. Events:

Sometimes I also get paid to host events here in South Florida. Now that I have 2 kids, I really don't do them often unless it's a good fit. Occasionally, I also get paid to attend events if I promote it on my social media channels.

6. Products:

Lastly, something that is newer to me personally, is selling products, ebooks, mentoring, and creating courses.

I hope that clears up some of your questions, but in short, this job is mostly related to marketing. I am so grateful that my party styling business has lead me here. It's the perfect fit for me and my family and I enjoy every minute of it. If you are a blogger looking to monetize your blog, check out my new ebook where I share all my secrets for landing amazing partnerships. I've even included the exact pitch template I have used to work with some major brands.

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