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Trick or Treating Tips

Thank you to Farm Rich for sponsoring this post. All thoughts are my own. 

I can hardly even believe it’s almost Halloween. This year we will have 2 little princesses to take around the neighborhood. Halloween tends to be a little crazy with rushing out of the house in time and then rushing everyone to bed when you get back. Here’s some tips to keep your little monsters happy on Halloween night.
1. Eat Dinner Before you Go- Your Boys and Ghouls will probably be in a hurry to get out the door on Halloween Night but don’t forget to eat dinner before you go. On a busy night like this, give yourself a break from cooking and cleaning up after. We love to keep Farm Rich snacks in the freezer for nights just like these. Our new favorites are these Pepperoni Pizza Roll-ups with marinara and the Fiesta Chicken Roll-ups with mild poblano ranch sauce from their new microwavable snack line: Farm Rich Time Outs™. You just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and you have yourself a filling (protein-packed) delicious meal. They are packaged with a perfectly paired sauce in a cup for convenient dipping. Then you can just toss out the box after and there’s no mess. Time Outs also come in Chicken Bites + Sweet BBQ Sauce and Mozzarella Bites + Marinara Sauce and are available at freezer aisle of select Walmart and Publix stores for around $3.49 - $4.49. 
2. Trick or Treat Times- The unspoken rule is that trick or treating starts right around 6pm or after it gets dark and lasts until about 8pm or so, but no later than 9pm. That gives you plenty of time to stock up on treats!

3. Be ready for the next day- A major mom tip is to have everything already ready for the next morning, ahead of time. I like to get pajamas laid out before we go and school clothes set out for the next morning. That way, when we get home, usually later than bedtime, everything is already done. It also helps for the next morning when everyone is a little tired and low on energy. The day after Halloween is another day we tend to opt for an easy meal like Farm Rich snacks instead of cooking.
4. Bring Water- This is easily forgotten but don’t forget to bring water with you when trick or treating. It’s nice to have a refreshing drink during all of that walking... and to wash down the candy too.

5. Leave out Candy- If no one will be home while you are out trick or treating, don’t forget to leave some candy out and a light on for anyone visiting your house.


  1. ooh I love this! Takes me back to trick or treating as a kid

  2. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing! We are staying in this year and handing out candy to kids in our neighborhood!

  3. What a great post! These tips are very important. I'm so excited for Halloween!


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