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Holiday Gifting Hack

“This post has been sponsored by American Greetings. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Do you find yourself scrambling for a last minute card or gift on your way out the door to one of many holiday parties this season? Or maybe you’re about to head out and run some errands and suddenly remember someone you would love to give a card to on your way? I created this holiday gifting basket hack that will keep you organized this holiday season. You’ll never show up empty handed again. Leave it by your front door on a nearby table for easy access and a reminder on your way out the door.

Here’s what you need for your Holiday gifting basket:

American Greetings holiday cards - I love American Greetings cards for the holidays because they’ve got a card for everyone on your list. I picked up holiday cards at Target for my hair stylist, delivery guys, and my daughter’s teachers. I also grabbed a pack of blank cards that I can fill out myself in case I forgot about someone. I even found some cute Santa stickers to seal the envelopes with. Right now you can use this coupon offer to save on American Greetings at Target!
Small Gifts- Keep a variety of small gifts in your basket that anyone would enjoy like sweets, accessories, and Target gift cards. Some other ideas that everyone loves are candles, candy canes, or a bottle of wine.
Gift Bags- Have some small gift bags and tissue paper ready to grab for your gifts. American Greetings has a great selection of holiday gift bags at Target.

Pens- Don’t forget the pens! Isn’t it so hard to find a working pen when you’re in a rush? Keep a stash of colorful pens in your basket so you won’t need to scramble.
I had so much fun looking through all of the America Greetings cards in Target, picking out my favorites to bring home and give out. Put your gifting basket together and place it somewhere that you will see on your way out of the house. This little hack will make gifting so much easier and a lot less forgetful. Try to think of people that have even a small impact on your daily life. Even just a simple holiday greeting card can really make someone’s day.


  1. Love it! Such a good reminder to have cute cards, pens and gift wrap on hand. There always seem to be last minute presents to give!

  2. This is a great idea. I definitely need to keep cards around more often. That's my worst trait when it comes to gift-giving. I always forget to get a card until the last minute - or sometimes I forget entirely. It's awful!

  3. Love the intimacy and personable vibe hand written cards are! Definitely need to stop by Target and grab some cards!


  4. This holiday gifting basket is such a great idea!! I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this... I always feel like I need a little small gift unexpectedly! This will be so helpful!

    Xo, Steph

  5. I am so bad about having a card to go with the gift .. I need to have some of these on hand!

    The HER Chronicles []

  6. They have the best cards! Being prepared definitely makes the holiday season much better easier to navigate!

  7. These cards are one of my favorite things to stock up on this time of year. It's great for a hostess gift!

  8. American Greetings have the best cards. I love buying them when I need to add a card to a gift.

  9. I always try to have these things on hand too!

  10. You are so organized for the holidays! I need to start stashing small gifts for last minutes parties. So smart!

  11. This basket is so handy! And I love American Greetings cards


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