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Stocking Your Holiday Party Bar

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It’s that time of year when holiday parties are a plenty. Every December, we get all of our friends together to celebrate the holiday season. Stocking a bar at home for holiday parties can sometimes feel overwhelming with all the available options. Here’s how to put together a home bar that is sure to impress your guests without breaking the bank or taking a bartending class.
You’ll want to offer a variety of alcohol and mixers so that there’s something for everyone. Below are my favorite high quality products at a good price point. Digital coupons are available at your local Vons, Safeway, or Ralph's nearest to you.

Kahlúa Original
Malibu® Original
Jameson® Whiskey
Absolut® Original
Altos® Tequila

Cranberry Juice
Club Soda
Pineapple Juice
Tonic Water
Ginger Ale

Cranberries if you’re feeling fancy
Lay out all of your alcohol, mixers, and garnishes on a bar, bar cart, or table for guests to create their own concoctions. We have a bar area in our home that I always decorate for holiday parties. I put the alcohol options on a shelf and all of the mixers and garnishes below with some space to mix and muddle. Don’t forget the shaker, ice, cups, napkins, and stirrers. A couple of holiday decorations never hurt either.
My personal favorite drink is a light and refreshing Absolut with club soda and a splash of cranberry juice. I also love Kahlua for the holidays. Mix it with Absolut or Altos Tequila and espresso for a delicious, holiday martini. My husband always goes for the Jameson Whiskey for its smooth, rich taste. He usually mixes it with ginger ale.
It’s always nice to create a few pre-made cocktails that guests can easily grab on their way in the door. Having a signature cocktail at any event is always a good idea, it takes any guesswork out for your guests. These bar stocking selections will allow your guests to create just about any drink, and you’ll be known as the best holiday party host in town.

Be sure to find all of these hosting essentials at your local Vons, Safeway, or Ralph's!


  1. This is the perfect party bar - or just regular bar! I love the different alcohol and mixer options you have. It sounds like where I'd wanna stay all evening long haha!

  2. This sounds like an amazing party bar!! Definitely need to try the Absolut with cranberry, sounds like a great drink for the season as well!


  3. What an awesome idea!


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