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How to Make an Easy Leprechaun Trap

So, you want to catch a leprechaun?

Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: our leprechaun trap, which was so easy to put together.

We started with the St. Patrick's Day printable set from . We cut it out and taped popsicle sticks to the backs. After that, we found this cute rainbow box at Target and used an X-Acto knife to cut a square in the middle and slits to slide the popsicle sticks into. Then we tapped the rest of the signs onto the box.

Next, we found that little ladder at Target a couple years ago but you could easily make one yourself using popsicle sticks. Finally, we sprinkled Lucky Charms all over!

So what’s next? Just wait patiently until a leprechaun arrives! And don’t forget to share pictures of your own traps on social media and tag @CelebrationStylist so we can see it!

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