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Stylish Snacking

If you saw my previous post with Harvest Snaps, you already know I'm addicted to the Caesar flavor. { Do you know how hard it is to style photos of food you want to eat? Story of my life actually } I wanted to give you a fun way to display snacks that would work for anything from a mom just trying to get her toddler to eat something, to a slightly sophisticated home gathering. 

I shaped the Harvest Snacks into hearts which was simple enough. I wanted the snacks to pop so I displayed them on a nice white and wood platter and then used black and white striped and polka dot plates in different sizes, for contrast. I have always had a love of black and white but I'm definitely loving it even more lately, especially in simple patterns like stripes and polka dots. I was lucky enough to find white peonies at the grocery store so I threw those in, because peonies really make everything look even better.

Lilah { and I } ate these snacks right up and she loved the heart shapes. I would also make this for a fun pool party with friends or for a wine night in. It takes less than 5 minutes to put together but looks much nicer than if you had just thrown them in a bowl. And that, my friends, is how you make snacks stylish!

Thank you to Harvest Snaps for sponsoring this post.

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