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Easy Boho Home Cocktail Bar

Boho Home Cocktail Bar

We have a big Florida room in our house, which for those that don't know, it basically used to be an outdoor patio, that was converted into an indoor room. It has 2 sets of french doors looking out to the pool and is very bright. This room alone was the biggest selling point of the house for me, personally. It's big and is just screaming to have a party in it. In fact, Lilah's 2nd birthday party was held in this room and I couldn't have been happier with how that turned out. When we had our kitchen renovated, we had some quartz left over from the countertops that I couldn't stand to let go. After living in a construction site for 4 months during the kitchen re-model we weren't yet ready to commit to doing the bathrooms. So I came up with the idea of adding a bar and using the countertops in there. We used to have just a small bar cart sitting there and this fits and looks so much better and gives us so much more storage. 

Boho Bar

I didn't want to put cabinets above because I wanted the wall to be available for decor for parties. But when we aren't having a party, it looks sort of empty. It's a large space and I never found something I loved to go there. Then, somehow I eventually came across this Cactus Print online, from Minted and I knew it was the one! It stays with the theme of the boho indoor/outdoor thing we have going on and was available in a size large enough for that space. I love Minted because their prints are limited edition, all lovely curated pieces from amazing artists. They have a lot of unique pieces, not things you would just find at a big box store. It was also a great price for as large (54" x 40") as it is, plus you could order it framed, huge bonus. It hangs on a wire so I can easily take it down to put something else up for a party if need be. 

Boho Decor

Now that the photo was all figured out, we needed it to look and feel like a bar area and not a credenza. So I enlisted my husband to create a floating shelf directly underneath the photo, exactly the same width, where we could put our liquor bottles and still keep the countertops cleared. Visually, this wouldn't work with just any photo but worked perfectly with a simple photo like this one. The chains on the side added a decorative element and also support, for the weight of all the bottles. Just make sure that the anchors, shelves, and chains are all rated to hold a decent amount of weight (at least 50 lbs) and that everything is properly secured into the wall. 

Boho Bar Accessories 

I also ordered this smaller Agave Print (16" x 20") to coordinate with the larger piece. Both are in the natural raw wood frame. I'm really happy with how it all turned out. It's a really wow piece that now also has a purpose. It's easy to re-create and would look great over any bar cart, credenza, dresser or blank wall. It perfectly completes our entertaining space.

Boho Accessories

Home Boho Bar

Printed and Framed photos provided c/o Minted.

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