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DIY Faux Fur Bench

We've had this scratched up leather bench sitting in our storage closet forever. I had visions of reupholstering it but the leather scared me away from DIY and the price scared me away from hiring a professional to do it. I've always loved the look of faux fur benches so once I came across this fabric at such a good price, I figured it was worth a shot. And it totally worked out. It's so much easier than I thought and has held up really well. The fabric is 60" wide so I only needed 1 yard to completely cover the bench. It was less than $30.

The shag of the fabric lets you get away with just kind of winging it which is what I did and you would never know I didn't purchase the bench just like this. I laid the fabric on top of the bench and cut some of the excess off the sides, but not too much because you still need it to completely wrap around the edges. Then I flipped the bench over and started stapling with my staple gun into the wood. To be clear, I did not remove the original leather fabric, I just went right over it. I stapled every couple of inches, just eyeballing it. For the corners, I cut the fabric as shown below and overlapped the pieces and stapled them down. Again, the shag will work in your favor here too ;-)

Once everything is stapled just give it a good look and make sure no staples are sticking out or poking out anywhere and trim down the excess fabric and you're done! The whole project took me about 15 minutes tops. It's been a few months and it's still as good as new.

BONUS- I loved this fabric so much {seriously, so soft} that I bought another yard and a half of it along with a no slip rug pad and used it as a rug in my entryway. It's honestly genius. It's a low traffic area really but whenever it gets dirty, I throw it in the wash and it comes out looking like new, it doesn't get any better than that. Plus, you really can't beat the price. It looks like any regular shag rug and I've gotten plenty of compliments on it.

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