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7 Things You Need if You're Having a Baby

This is a round up of all of the baby products I have gotten with my second baby that I wish I had had with my first. It's only been 3 years since Lilah was born but so many new things have come out since then. These are my favorites that I've been using the last 3 months. Must haves for mommas with new babies or great baby shower gifts too.

7 Must Have Baby Products

Binxy- This little shopping cart hammock has really changed shopping for me. With my first, I would just put the infant car seat in the cart and it would literally take up the whole cart leaving very little room for actual things to purchase. The Binxy hooks and straps onto any shopping cart so the baby is secure, not touching anything in the cart, and keeps her elevated leaving an open cart for shopping! It's a must have for anyone that does any shopping before their baby can sit up on their own...which is every mama!

Wipeable Changing Pad- Where has this been my whole life? I must have washed Lilah's changing pad covers every day when she was a baby but now, no more! With these new changing pads, you can just wipe them down and they look great too.

Dock-a-Tot- I remember the first time I saw a Dock a Tot, before I was even pregnant with my second, I immediately knew I needed to have it for my next. And I was right! It's super convenient for her to nap in, literally anywhere, which is especially great now that I'm juggling 2 girls. They come in so many cute styles and colors and can be easily washed.

Snuza- I ordered this on Prime during Chloe's first night in our room at the hospital. It was in my postpartum anxiety induced exhaustion that I figured this would give me peace of mind when I got home so that I could sleep better. Then by the time I got home, I had actually planned on returning it because I was feeling more comfortable and confident. Luckily I hadn't gotten around to it by the time she developed reflux and it was a lifesaver for me, I slept so much better when she wore this for the first 2 months. I like it because it doesn't connect to any wireless devices and transmit signals and it's very easy to use.

Lorena Canals Rugs- I've just recently started buying rugs for our home and these rugs are my favorite. They are super soft so we can sit and play {or nap} on it and best of all, they are machine WASHABLE! Guys...dreams do come true. And they're super cute too! I have a big grey one in our living/play room.

Nested Bean Swaddle- I am a strong believer in swaddles, if you're baby doesn't like swaddles, find another one, I assure you it is the secret to sleep. The swaddles I used for Lilah didn't work for Chloe. I noticed that she would cry basically whenever I wasn't touching her. I got to googling and came across this one that has bean bags in it so it's weighted and it makes her feel like she's being cuddled or that my hand is on her. She has slept so much better since I got it, we use it every time she sleeps.

Little Nomad Play Mat- This was the very first thing I bought for the nursery this time and I still love it. It's a play mat that looks like a rug and it's so pretty and practical. We play on it all the time and it has held up great.

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