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Easy DIY Adult Unicorn Costume

I love dressing up for Halloween, it's so much fun. But I do hate spending money on a costume that I'm likely to only wear for a few hours and then never again. And what do I hate even more than that? Typical store bought costumes, there I said it. I'm not a big fan of the thin, shiny, costumes that come all wadded up in a bag that barely resemble the photo advertised. I love to re-create my own costume in a super easy way. With very minimal craft skills required, if any. Unicorns are so popular right now so I thought I would start by sharing how to create a DIY unicorn costume with pieces that you can separate out and use again. You may even have some similar pieces in your closet already.

White Skirt//White Long Sleeve Shirt//Unicorn Adult Headband//Pink Nail Polish//Pink Flat Shoes

Easy DIY Adult Unicorn Costume by The Celebration Stylist

Let me know what other costumes you want to see! I have a few more ideas in mind but I'd love to hear what you want! 

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