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How to Throw a Half Birthday Party

So I’ll be the first to admit, we use to term “party” pretty loosely around here. Much like the Big Sister Party, this half birthday party was more like a special day for Lilah. We didn’t invite anyone to her 3 and a half year old birthday party, but we did have cake so I’m filing it under parties! We really kept it simple though. Calculate your half birthday and follow my tips below to throw your own half birthday party.

How to Throw a Half Birthday Party by The Celebration Stylist

Half Birthday Party Ideas

Balloons: Like every good kids party, balloons are a must. Something about balloons brings it from “we are just having cake", to party. You could either do helium or just regular air so the kids can play with them, or both!

Cake: We baked {half} a cake together for her party. She loves baking but we rarely do it so this was a fun activity for her. We baked 2 round cakes the night before and then cute them in half and used 3 of the layers for a “half birthday cake” that we iced the next day. We did funfetti with vanilla icing and tons of sprinkles. For reference, we needed one box of cake mix and 2 cans of frosting to make this one.
How to Throw a Half Birthday Party by The Celebration Stylist
Decor: Besides balloons, we didn’t do too much decor but for a half birthday party, a little really goes a long way. I had some cute cups and plates and I made the banner on my Cricut. The 1/2 Birthday candle felt very essential. No half birthday party would be complete without candles to blow out. We even sang "Happy Half Birthday" to her and she was smiling from ear to ear.

Then we sat at the table together and ate cake, that's all she really wanted and she felt so special all day. And now she is so proud to tell anyone that asks her, that she's 3 and a half! 
How to Throw a Half Birthday Party by The Celebration Stylist

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