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Every Party Stylist's Secret Weapon

Want to know the secret to a perfect styled cake table? A cake stand. Actually, several of them. Height is what takes a basic cake table and turns it into something special. Of course there's more to it but height is the first, and arguably most important, element. Most people will place a cake or desserts flat on a table but adding levels is what makes it interesting to look at. There's lots of ways to do this but a classic, white cake stand is my personal favorite, perfect for any theme or occasion. This one is by far, my most used. Cake stands come in lots of heights and colors. I usually stick to white but I do have black and pink on hand too. Clear is pretty too but usually doesn't photograph quite as well.

Every Party Stylist's Secret Weapon by The Celebration Stylist
Cake stands are often made of milk glass but there is also metal, wood, and melamine options if you're worried about breakage. Try not to fall for the themed cardboard or plastic cake stand at the party store, a good cake stand will elevate your look in a totally different way. There are other other ways to add height to your table, nice boxes, risers, or upside down wood crates are other great options. However, if you invest in a nice, classic cake stand you can use it again and again for years to come.

Cake stands are great for any cake of course; My favorite party hack is a basic white cake, with a beautiful gold cake topper on a cake stand. Other than cakes, you can display cupcakes, favors or even props on your cake stands. I usually have at least 2-3 of them on every party table in various heights.

These are some of our favorites in various heights and colors:

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