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6 Tips for Hosting Guests for the Holidays

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Like most people, we host friends and family throughout the holiday season each year. We have parties and dinners and sometimes out of town guests will even stay with us for a few days. It's always my goal to make everyone feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible, as if they are staying at a bed and breakfast. These are my top hosting hacks so you can do the same.
6 Tips for Hosting Guests for the Holidays by The Celebration Stylist
1. Fresh Linens - Having fresh sheets and towels for guests is an obvious must. I like to wash mine in all® free clear because it's gentle enough for your youngest houseguest to your oldest. I have found that it won't bother sensitive skin and will keep your linens nice and clean. I use it on all of my laundry, including those crisp holiday tablecloths that have to be spotless at dinner parties. 
6 Tips for Hosting Guests for the Holidays by The Celebration Stylist
2. Mini Soaps - A really great idea for guests is having a variety of travel sized soaps, shampoos, and lotions available for them to pick from. Display them in a cute basket or apothecary jar so they can easily select their favorites.

3. Leave Some all® free clear mighty pacs® - It's always nice to be able to wash your clothes when you're traveling. Your guests will love if you leave all free clear mighty pacs in their room for them to wash their own clothes easily as they please. The free clear formula is gentle enough for all your guests which is especially great in the winter when skin can be extra sensitive. To use mighty pacs, you just toss them in with your laundry so there's no measuring or mess. You can find them at Target.
6 Tips for Hosting Guests for the Holidays by The Celebration Stylist
4. WiFi Password - I always get a lot of complements on this one, it's so simple but often overlooked. Type up your WiFi username and password and put it in a cute frame in your guest's room so they can easily access it whenever they need it for any of their devices. It makes things so convenient for both them and you.

5. Extra Blankets - As someone that is always cold, I make sure that there's extra blankets in my guest closet for easy access to anyone that is staying with us. I want to make sure our guests are comfortable and have blankets available if they get cold at night. I wash them in all free clear right before new guests arrive to make sure they're smelling fresh and clean. It keeps them warm and cozy and not itchy. Extra pillows are also great to have available if you have any. 
6 Tips for Hosting Guests for the Holidays by The Celebration Stylist
6. Snacks or Breakfast - Another really great tip for hosting guests, overnight or not is to always have food! For guests that are staying overnight, I like to leave a selection of snacks for them to grab whenever they want. Sometimes I even leave some breakfast items like bagels, pastries, and muffins in a basket in their room. Some people don’t feel comfortable asking for or grabbing food in someone else’s home so this eliminates that uncomfortable feeling.
6 Tips for Hosting Guests for the Holidays by The Celebration Stylist
When you have guests staying with you, my best advice is try to think about your favorite hotel amenities and add those in wherever you can. Maybe put together some brochures for local attractions if guests are staying a while or a newspaper that they can read with breakfast. Fresh flower are always a pleasant surprise. It's also nice to have a speaker and alarm clock for some music. One of my favorite hostess tips is to consider the 5 senses {smell, taste, touch, sight, hear} and try to appeal to each one. 

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