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6 Ways to Make a Party Backdrop

Party backdrops are the focal point of any party. They often reside behind a cake table but sometimes even stand on their own. Party backdrops are great for photo back drops, cake table back drops or sometimes even to strategically hide things or set a mood. There are so many different ways to create party backdrops but these are some of the most popular party backdrop ideas.
6 Ways to Make a Party Backdrop by The Celebration Stylist

DIY Party Backdrop Ideas

1. Custom Printed: Using a backdrop stand and a custom printed vinyl backdrop is how I used to do each and every party backdrop for years. I had a trusty metal frame telescoping backdrop stand that I brought with me and set up for every party. You can find backdrop designs on Etsy to go with your party theme or you can make your own design in photoshop. I usually recommend getting the banner printed in a square that is the same width of the table or larger. Printastic is where I usually get my party backdrops printed, it's easy to order online, they're quick, and the pricing is fair.

Custom printed backdrops are one of the more expensive options that I will be sharing, it's usually around $100 for the design and printed backdrop and around $100 more if you don't have a backdrop stand. If you are a professional party stylist, it's a really great option for your clients and you can use your backdrop stand over and over again.
6 Ways to Make a Party Backdrop by The Celebration Stylist
2. Fabric: I've used sheer curtains as a backdrop to many of my parties, like this Paw Patrol party. I usually hang them from the backdrop stand mentioned above or you can also create a PVC backdrop stand as I did for this party. You can also try using shower curtains, tablecloths, or fabric. You can hang a foam or poster cut out in front of your fabric if you are looking to add more to it.
6 Ways to Make a Party Backdrop by The Celebration Stylist
3. Foam Board: If you are designing a smaller cake table that is going to be against a wall you can use a large foam board, or several taped together, to create a backdrop that sits on top of the table and leans against the wall. You can cover it with fabric and add cardstock, flowers, or pinwheels to it. You can also cut a shape out of the foamboard and hang it on the wall with command strips like I did for this Minnie Mouse Party.

6 Ways to Make a Party Backdrop by The Celebration Stylist
4. Insulation: This one can be a bit tricky to transport because it isn't really size adjustable but you can create a backdrop from insulation. You can read the full photo booth backdrop DIY here. You can cover it similar to the foam board option above.

5. Wrapping Paper: Wrapping paper is a really unique way to create a backdrop directly on the wall. It take a bit of time to line up but all you need is some good tape. I used this technique in my Brunch After Dark Party and this Beauty and the Beast Garden party to hide a wall that was under construction. If done right, it really looks just like wallpaper that matches your theme.
6 Ways to Make a Party Backdrop by The Celebration Stylist
6. Decorate the Wall: If you have a nice solid color painted wall, you can add decor directly to it with command strips. I usually do this for parties at my own house, like this rainbow party for my daughter. There's so many possibilities here, it's quite literally a blank canvas. Some ideas for decorating a blank wall are balloon garlands, letter balloons, acrylic letters, vinyl letters, or banners like this one. Our Cue the Confetti membership offers free printable backdrops that you can easily tape directly to the wall.
6 Ways to Make a Party Backdrop by The Celebration Stylist
Did I miss anything? Have any questions? Please let me know in the comments and I will continue to update this post with as much useful information as I can.

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