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Candid Teeth Straightening Update

These services have been provided to me for free by Candid™ however I really only work with brands I love and all opinions are my own. 

I wanted to give you guys an update on my teeth aligning process with Candid. I always get so many questions about it so I like to do an update once in a while so you can see the progress. Right now I’m on step 11 of 14. I can’t believe how fast this has gone! My teeth have moved so much that honestly, I would be happy if we stopped today. I’m at the point where a couple of my friends have started to notice a difference, which is pretty exciting. But we still have 3 steps to go, so I can’t imagine how much happier I will be with my smile by then. I am truly so glad I decided to straighten my teeth with Candid. Time has flown by and my teeth just keep getting better and better. It’s been so convenient to have all my aligners on hand, ready to switch when I get my reminder text message from Candid too.

I’ve been doing it since May, so I’m very used to it now. Luckily It’s been a seamless process for me with no issues the entire time. But their amazing staff is always on call should I need them, which is good to know. I think good customer support is so important for something like this and they are always checking in on me. I have only had to email them once with a question and they responded immediately, that type of customer service is even better than you would get at a traditional orthodontist office, that’s for sure.

My only regret is not doing it sooner. I had been wanting to re-straighten my teeth for years before actually doing it. I researched Invisalign and it was over $5,000 and as a stay at home mom, there’s no way I was committing to monthly appointments either. Luckily, I discovered Candid which is both affordable and easy. The process couldn’t be more simple and the cost is an all-in, affordable rate of under $2,000. They also have financing, accept FSA/HSA, and dental insurance to make it even better. You can read more about those options here. If you’ve been on the fence about it like I was, I would really encourage you to do it. It’s a great alternative to Invisalign. You certainly won’t regret it. What are you waiting for?

Read about the beginning of my teeth straightening journey hereOrder your Impression Kit for just $95 to get started. If you're not a good fit for this program, they'll let you know and refund you right away so there's really no risk to you.


  1. I love the idea of being able to do this in home and not go to an office all the time!

  2. It looks like it’s helped you so much! That’s amazing! I’m doing at home aligners right now as well and it’s so cool to see the difference they make in a short period of time!

  3. I love this! I had braces as a child, but my bottom teeth have shifted. I’d love to do this to straighten them back out. Xo

  4. I have never done any straightening but this looks interesting. I will have to check it out.


  5. It looks like you saw great results!