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Final Candid Teeth Straightening Update

These services have been provided to me for free by Candid however I really only work with brands I love and all opinions are my own.

I'm done!!  I can't believe I'm writing my final Candid teeth straightening update. When I started this, I was very pregnant with crooked teeth and now I have a 6 month old and my teeth are perfect. It seriously flew by and so much has changed so quickly. I can't wait to share my Candid before and after photos below. I have shared a lot about my experience along the way which you can see in posts 1234. I know it's a big decision to make and I wanted to provide as many details as I could for anyone considering straightening their teeth with Candid too. You won't regret it. For this last post, I decided to round up my most frequently asked asked questions about the process.
Final Candid Teeth Straightening Update by The Celebration Stylist

Does it work? 
YES! It absolutely does. You can follow my entire journey from start to finish (with photos) to see all of the progress. I have included my original before photo and my latest below.

How much does it cost?
The initial modeling kit is only $95 (which is fully refundable should you not be a candidate for this service) and the aligners are a flat $1900. You can also use dental insurance, HSA & FSA, or finance your aligners.

How long did it take?
My treatment only took about 7 months from start to finish.

Are you glad you did it? 
SO glad! I'm so happy with it, it was definitely worth it. Of course that varies from person-to-person but the average is only 6 months.

Does it hurt? 
No. I will say, when you switch aligners, it can be a little tight and you might feel some soreness when you take it out but it definitely doesn't hurt.

I'm thinking about doing it, should I do it? 
I've actually been asked this question. If you're thinking about doing it, you definitely should. I have been really happy with my results and would recommend it to anyone. Candid is very affordable and has amazing customer service.
Now that I've finished my treatment, Candid emailed me to make sure I was still on track and ready for my retainer. I confirmed and within a week, I had received my retainer and a few accessories, all of which is included in the treatment cost. I only have to wear the retainer at night. The retainer is just like the aligners except it should last me up to a year before it needs to be replaced. If you have any questions that I haven't covered, please email me or comment below, I'm always happy to help.
Final Candid Teeth Straightening Update by The Celebration Stylist

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