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5 Things Every Fiesta Party Needs

Fiestas aren't just for Cinco de Mayo. A fiesta party is great for so many different occasions- birthdays, entertaining, heck even a baby shower. I'm already considering a Taco Two-sday for my daughter's second birthday next year. Fiesta parties are just so colorful and festive! A pro tip when trying to style a chic, sophisticated fiesta is to pick just a few of your favorite colors to focus on rather than all of the bright colors you can find. It will make your fiesta party look more intentional and put together. Of course, for any fiesta party you will need tacos and guac but here are 5 things every fiesta party needs besides just food.
5 Things Every Fiesta Party Needs by The Celebration Stylist
1. Flowers and Succulents- Flowers are a must in any tablescape if you ask me but carnations are particularly pretty for a fiesta. Carnations are also really inexpensive which is great if you are buying a lot. I displayed mine in glass bottles down the center of my table. Another great option are peonies but they do cost more. Succulents are also a great addition for a fiesta tablescape. Consider letting your guests take them home as favors if you don't have any use for them after your fiesta.

2. Gold Piñatas- Well they don't have to be gold but gold is so much cuter isn't it? I love these mini gold pinatas from Oriental Trading. I used one on each end of my fiesta tablescape but they would be so cute near each plate or down the center of the table too.
5 Things Every Fiesta Party Needs by The Celebration Stylist
3. Maracas- I’m not saying that maracas are required but I am saying that they up the fun factor for sure. Gold is my favorite because is a little unexpected but so darn cute. Maracas are a great addition for both kids or adult fiesta parties. You can write your guests names on them with a permanent marker if you have assigned seating.
5 Things Every Fiesta Party Needs by The Celebration Stylist
4. Wall Decor- I chose pink and orange fringe for my fiesta party but other festive options are banners, fiesta flags, letter balloons or fringe. Try to stay within your chosen color scheme to keep things cohesive.
5 Things Every Fiesta Party Needs by The Celebration Stylist
5. Festive Paperware - For paperware, I usually go with plain, colorful plates in 2 colors with festive napkins and cups. How cute are these margarita glasses? Best of all, they’re plastic so no breakage and you can toss them when you’re done. Add some gold flatware to tie in the pinatas and maracas and you're all set!

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