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Rainbow First Birthday Party Ideas

I know I say this all the time but Chloe's Rainbow First Birthday Party is one of my favorite parties ever! I loved the colors so so much! And the gold mirrored letters.. ahh I can't wait to repurpose those in one of their bedrooms. Unlike Lilah's first birthday party, this party was held in our Florida Room. We took down the huge print to create the backdrop and replaced the liquor bottles with sippy cups. haha.

How to Plan a Rainbow First Birthday Party

1. Must have a balloon garland! They are inexpensive and easy to make but make a huge impact. I hung 2 little star garlands from them for a little extra magic.

2. Add your words. I decided to use "She's Magic, that one" because I love it but you can use "Happy Birthday" or whatever else you like.
3. It's all about the sweets. To be honest, we had more sweets than we needed. It was a small party but when I order desserts, it's part of the decor as much as it is for the guests. Plus, I really don't mind the leftovers ;-) We had a smash cake for the birthday girl, cookies displayed on this gorgeous acrylic tabletop dessert wall, and a cake for the guests.
4. Party Favors. For this age, my favorite party favors to give out are bubbles, chalk, pinwheels, or bath toys.
5. Food: We ordered Chipotle and it was perfect! Every thing came separated so people could make what they wanted and how they wanted it which was perfect for the kids too. In addition to Chipotle, the only other thing we had were some fruit and veggie baby food pouches for the littler ones.

6. Activities: My friend told me how you could rent a soft play area for parties for babies which sounded perfect. But once I looked into it, the price was about as much as something I could purchase and then keep for the girls to use long after the party was over. These Wiwiurka toys were just the perfect thing! Those combined with the ball pit and the unicorn rocker, kept the babies busy the whole time. They continue to play on these toys every single day still.
Acrylic Cookie Stand: One Stylish Party // Gold Mirrored Acrylic Sign from Creative Amme // Sippy Cups: Re-Play // Unicorn Chalk: Twee // Acrylic Flower Box: Tassels // Tassel Banner: Ellie and Piper // Wood Toys: Wiwiurka

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