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How to Plan an Easy, Colorful, Birthday Party from one store

Thank you to Tuesday Morning for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Everyone loves a colorful party! And every hostess loves an easy party. I recently stumbled upon an unexpected one stop party shop while shopping at Tuesday Morning

I styled this little birthday party based on some plates that Lilah picked out on a trip to Tuesday Morning. She picked them out because she loves flowers and bright colors. We continued to walk around the store looking for other coordinating pieces for our party until we ended up with pretty much everything you see here thrown in the cart for prices less than you'd think.
Tuesday Morning has so many treasures. Everything from cake stands, to craft supplies, to home decor and even snacks (like these unicorn cookies). I was surprised that we found everything we needed in one store. Here's how to re-create this party:

How to Plan an Easy, Colorful, Birthday Party from one store

1. Welcome Sign: I picked out this letter board and cute party pack of letters. I painted the frame pink using paint that I found in the craft section, right by the letter boards. I thought a letter board would be perfect for the welcome sign because we can use it again and again for so many things.
2. Party Decorations: Of course you'll need decorations for your party! I based this design off of the plates we found so I looked for fun decorations using those same colors. The customizable party banner was perfect for the backdrop and easy to just tape to the wall. I found the drink dispenser at a great price and had to snag it for this party and many parties to come. I picked up some sweets and flowers and we were all set to party. 

3. Activities: Every kid's party needs an interactive activity or two. I stumbled on this sprinkle shaker and thought it would be so fun for the kids to decorate their own cupcakes. I grabbed a few shakers and picked up some plain, white cupcakes from the store for the kids to decorate. They had SO much fun! 
4. Gifts: Tuesday Morning had a really big selection of gift wrap, bags, and bows for hosting or attending parties. Lilah loved this big curly bow so I had to grab it for her. Hot Tip: if you're feeling fancy, you can tape wrapping paper to the wall for a fun party backdrop like I did here.
Find a Tuesday Morning near you. Next time you're in a party pinch, you'll know where to go.


  1. All of these decorations are so cute!! I remember shopping at Tuesday Morning with my mom when I was younger, but clearly need to visit there again because I love this stuff!

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  5. I’ve never shopped here before but it looks like you found some adorable supplies!

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