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St Patrick's Day Activities for Toddlers

Although I am Irish, St. Patrick's Day was never a holiday I really celebrated at all. Maybe we would head to an Irish pub but that was the extent of it. Now that we have 2 kids and that isn't an option, we have some new traditions. We never let a holiday go by without a celebration with the kids and St. Patrick's Day is no exception.

St Patrick's Day Activities for Toddlers

1. Playdate - Playdates with friends or even just mom, are a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with toddlers. It can feel like a party even if it's not. You could have a little rainbow fruit skewer snack and do a rainbow dot paint art project. Baking something festive is another fun idea. You could even make simple little leprechaun traps. Pinterest has so many cute things to try.
2. Breakfast - We love to do a fun holiday breakfast for most holidays. It's a fun way to kick off the day.  You could do green milk or green pancakes with food coloring or maybe lucky charms for breakfast. If you're not into any of that, you can just do your regular breakfast with a fun set up like this to celebrate.
3. Decorate - We don't go too crazy with decorations for this one but we usually print out a few printables from Cue the Confetti and hang some garlands. This year I also grabbed a couple of hand towels for the kitchen from the Target dollar spot.
4. Leprechaun Mess - We have a leprechaun named "Lucky" that comes to visit us the night before St. Patrick's Day. He make a big confetti mess and drops chocolate gold coins and green footprints in his path. He usually leaves rainbow art supplies for the girls. Visit our Amazon storefront for some of the things we recommend. It's such a fun thing for the kids to look forward to.

Check out my Girly St. Patrick's Day party for the mamas.

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