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St Patricks Day Party Ideas

Last year for St. Patrick's Day we had a small at home playdate but this year we wanted to throw a St Patrick's Day Party with friends. It was held in my home after school on a weekday, just for fun. The kids ages ranged from 2-9 so I wanted to make sure that the activities that we had would be fun for everyone and that the moms had fun too.

1. Kids Activities - The key to hosting a party that both moms and kids will enjoy is having self serve activities that the kids can do by themselves. For this St. Patrick's Day party, I wanted to have several activity options for the kids to keep them busy. I ordered a cookie kit on Etsy with plain cookies, pre-filled icing bags, and sprinkles. You could ask any Etsy baker if they'd be able to make it for you but I've linked the seller I purchased from here.

I also ordered plain cupcakes from the grocery store {Publix} with the icing on the side for another fun thing to decorate. We separated the marshmallows out of a box of Lucky Charms {my 5 year old actually loved this project} and put them on everyones plates so they could use those on any of their creations too. Lastly, we gave each person a treat cup with Fruit Loops and yarn taped on the end with scotch tap to easily create Fruit Loop necklaces or bracelets. The activities were a hit and kept everyone happy and BUSY!
2. Decorations - For decorations, I really focused on the table itself. We used a white tablecloth so that the Re-Play rainbow color plates would pop.  I used Re-Play for this party too. The divided plates were so perfect for the activities and the guests could take them home if they wanted. I also used a gold sequin runner down the table and a DIY rainbow that I made as the centerpiece.

Behind the table I used a clover garland that I made with my Cricut, a rainbow wool ball garland from Pearl and Jane and a long piece of pink fabric fringe. Then I blew up some rainbow color balloons and filled a plastic black pot (from Halloween) with gold balloons and gold coins.
3. Bar Cart - I kept the bar cart simple with a print from Cue the Confetti and some chocolate gold coins and rose for the mamas. If the kids are happy then the moms are happy so that's all we needed. We talked for hours while the kids played.
4. Food - The party was at 3:00pm, not during a mealtime, so I just had a small grazing board focused on the kids but that the moms could enjoy too. I kept with the rainbow theme here too. The kids ate everything but the oranges, I should have peeled those for them ahead of time.
5. Favors - For party favors, I always try to give nicer goodies that I know the kids will use and love. For this little St. Patrick's Day party, we gave the kids the cutest glitter pens and rainbow notebooks from Ooly. I also ordered some St. Patrick's Day temporary tattoos and stickers on Amazon. For a touch of whimsy, I found these cute little glass bottles at Hobby Lobby that I filled with gold glitter. I packaged everything in a cello bag and used yarn to tie it shut. The kids busted into them on their way out the door so I think they liked them!

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  1. Nicely explained with the pics... love the party favours


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